CRM Fields

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, fields are useful when customizing customer records to add additional information on your customers. A CRM Info report available for download in the Finds section. See Advanced Find Service for more information. CRM fields are added and edited in the Maintenance Section, and displayed in the CRM tab on customer records.

How to Add New CRM Fields

  1. Go to Maintenance > CRM Fields

  2. Click the New button

  3. Enter the Field Name

  4. Select the field Type

    • TextField: Input text field

    • ComboBox: Both text field and drop down list

    • DropDownList: Select from drop down list

  5. If you select ComboBox or DropDownList, click the Add button to add new items to select from

Once a CRM field is created, all customer records are updated with the new field on the CRM tab.  All CRM fields on the customer record are blank until a selection is made, or text is entered on each customer record.

How to Edit or Delete CRM Fields

You can delete the CRM field, edit the Field Name, and add or remove items for ComboBox and DropDownFieldList types.

  1. Go to Maintenance > CRM Fields

  2. Double-click on the CRM Field you would like to edit

Edit Example: How to Add "No Agreement" to the Service Levels CRM Field.

  1. Double-clicking Service Levels from the CRM Fields 

  2. Click the Add button

  3. A New Item window will pop up. Enter "No Agreement"