This is where you can set up zones down to the street level.

Field NameDescription
ZipThis is where you can enter a zip code.
Low BlockThis column is where you enter the lower block numbers.
High BlockThis column is where you enter the high block numbers.
Street nameThis column will allow you to enter the specific street name inside the zip code.
Odd Even BothThis column lets you specify if you include both the odd and even sides of the street, or both.
Rate Zone 1-12Here you can specify different Zone values for use with Base Rate charts that use specific zones.
Zone Min 1-12Here you can specify a dollar value, and any order using an order type specifying that zone will not charge less than the amount entered here.
Dispatch ZoneHere you can assign dispatch zones down to street level, this can be used at the order type level to assign override fleets.
Route Zone 1-3Here you can assign specific routes down to the street level, for use with route sort rules.