Mobile Users

Mobile Users are displayed once a driver record is created and is associated with a human resource record. Each new mobile user is automatically assigned to the default mobile option group and the specific settings within that group. See Mobile Option Sets (Classic Operations App).

Mobile users are displayed based on the Status listed in the human resource record of the specific driver. You can select to view  "Active", "Inactive", "Terminated", or "View All".  

Go to Maintenance > Mobile Users

Quick Tip: Layout changes made here will not be saved once you navigate from this page. 

How to Edit a Mobile User

You can edit each mobile user to have their own unique Driver App settings.

  1. Go to MaintenanceMobile Users.

  2. Click on the mobile user you would like to edit.

  3. Go to the Mobile Options tab.

Deleting a mobile user here will delete the driver record as well.


Default Setting Override