Addresses (Classic Operations App)

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Addresses used in X Dispatch go through an address validation process. Using validated addresses guarantees the address is real and prevents potential delivery issues. Different third-party validation services are available, some at an additional monthly charge. Please contact your CXT Software Account Manager for more details. 

Addresses can be global or customer specific. For Inet Addresses, which are created and maintained on the internet user records, see Internet User (Address Book).

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How to Add and Validate a New Address

  1. Go to Maintenance > Addresses and click the New button in the toolbar. 

    Alternate Steps

    Click the arrow next to the New button, or press Alt + N keys and select Address.

  2. Enter the address information. Required information to validate an address is:
    1. Address

      The Address field is the street address in "US Postal Code" format.  This includes numeric address, street name, and proper prefixes (N, S, E, W, etc), suffixes (Place, Pl, Road, Rd, Lane, Ln), and abbreviations when used.  If a suite or room number is included in this field, the validation process will move it to the Suite/Room/Apartment field.

    2. City
    3. State/Zip/+
  3. Enter a Customer ID for the address to be customer specific. The default is set to 0, meaning all customers can use the address. See Global Address vs Customer Specific Address for more information.

  4. Automatically or manually validate the address: 
    • Click the Process Address button to automatically validate an address. 

    • Check the Validated checkbox to manually validate an address.

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How to Edit an Address

  1. Go to Maintenance > Addresses.
  2. Double-click the address you would like to edit. 

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How to Delete an Address

  1. Go to Maintenance Addresses
  2. Click the address you would like to delete. 

  3. Click the delete icon  in the toolbar.

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Address Form


The General tab of the address form contains the address, phone, and default order information.


The Details tab of the address form display geocoded location data in addition to several audit tracking fields.

Location Barcode

The Location Barcode tab of the address form is visible once the address is saved. It displays the generated location barcode label which can be copied to the clipboard and pasted into a document for printing. 

For X Dispatch 21.1 or newer, location barcodes will be customer specific. 

The address must be processed right before generating the location barcode.  If the address was already validated, it must be processed again to generate the barcode.

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Orange and Red Fields After Validation

Do you see red or orange highlighted fields after you have validated the form? If so, look at those fields to make sure they are correct. The original information you entered will be on the right. Click the arrow button next to any field that you did not want to be changed, or click the arrow button next to "Revert All Original Address Information" if there is more than one field.

What do the colors mean?

Orange - Minor changes such as:

  • Address number or street name changes
  • City name changes and +4 was entered
  • Postal code changes.

Example: The original postal code entered was wrong so the corrected change is highlighted in orange.

Red - Blank required fields or major changes such as:

  • City name changes and +4 value removed
  • City name and postal code change

Example: The original city entered did not match so the corrected change is highlighted red.

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Global Address vs Customer Specific Address

A global address is available when placing orders for any customer in X Dispatch.  A customer specific address is available to only that specific customer ID during order placement inside X Dispatch.

"Allow Customer Address Points" in the Orders tab of the customer record must be checked to view customer specific addresses. See Customers - New/Edit Customer for more information.


Customer 1 has a customer specific address for the Phoenix Zoo. 

Customer 1106 will not be able to see the Phoenix Zoo address.

However, if the Phoenix Art Museum is set up as a global address, where the Customer ID is set to 0, then both Customer 1 and Customer 1106 can see the Phoenix Art Museum address.

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