Dispatch Tickets - New / Edit Dispatch Ticket

Creating a new Dispatch ticket

To set up a new dispatch ticket, click on the New button in the top left corner of the dispatch screen. 

This will open the Dispatch ticket form. Once you enter in the ID number the form will display all the columns in the lower portion of the form as well.

Field NameDescription
IDThis is the Dispatch Tickets unique identifier.
DescriptionThis is the description of the Dispatch Ticket.
FontHere you can select the font to use when the Dispatch Ticket is generated.
Lines Per InchHere you set the number of lines per inch for the dispatch ticket.
Paper BinThis is where your printer is getting its paper from.  This is also know as the output tray on the printer.
Printer Lookup TextShared name for your printer on your network.
Available Database FieldsThis field will list all the available fields from the On Demand order form that you can use in the dispatch ticket.
LineThis is the line number for the position you want the Print Element to be located.
PositionThis is the position on the line specified in the Line column.
Print ElementThis is the Field from the database from the On demand order that you want to display on this line at the position specified.
LengthThis is the amount of room you can give to the Print Element specified
FormatThe is the month, day , year format you want used when dates are displayed.
WrapChecking this box will cause the Text from the Print Element to Wrap to the next line if the information is to long for the page.
OkThis will save, and close the changes you made.
CancelThis will close the Editing Dispatch Ticket form without saving your changes.
ApplyThis will apply your changes without closing the form.
DeleteThis will delete the dispatch ticket format.

Editing Dispatch ticket

To edit the Dispatch ticket, double click on the dispatch ticket you wish to edit.

Once the form is open you can edit any information on the form.

When you are done editing the form, click on Apply, and then Ok.