How to Set Up Sales Tax

You may need to charge customers a sales tax. This can be done by customer, order type, and items.

Set Up Sales Tax

  1. Enable sales tax in Global Options. 

    1. In the main toolbar select Options.

    2. Go to the Misc tab.

    3. Check the box next to Enable sales tax processing

  2. Create a sales tax item. See Items

    1. Go to Maintenance > Items

    2. Go to the last empty row and enter an IDDescriptionUOM, and GL Account. Check the box under Separate Item charges for online ordering to display the sales tax when placing an order online.

    3.  Click the save icon in the toolbar.


    1. Go to Maintenance > Sales Tax.

    2. Scroll to the bottom of the list of sales tax and add the new sales tax in the empty row.

    3. Click the save icon  in the toolbar.

      Add a sales tax. See Sales Tax (Classic Operations App)

Taxed Items 

Items are included in sales tax if Taxable is checked. See Items

  1. Go to Maintenance > Items.

  2. Check the Taxable checkbox for all items to be included in the tax calculation.

  3. Click the save icon in the toolbar.

Taxed Customers

Customers are charged sales tax when Tax Exempt in the Accounting tab is not checked. See Customers - New/Edit Customer.

Taxed Order Types

Order types are included in the sales tax when Tax Exempt in the General tab is not checked. See Order Types (Classic Operations App).