Order Type Tester (Classic Operations App)

This page is for the Classic Operations App. For the Operations App please see Order Type Tester.

The Order Type Tester allows you to confirm the time windows and hours of operation set up will behave as expected when adding or editing order types. See Order Types (Classic Operations App) for more information on adding and editing order types. The tester is a good way to check weekend and after hours in addition to business hours. It simulates the time windows of an order to check that the order can be completed within the expected times / dates.

Field Name



The "Pickup From" time and date to test this order type with. This is usually the date and time of order placement.


The "Pickup To" time will reflect how the order will calculate the pickup window when placing an order, based on the specified Pickup From time and day.


This will reflect the "Delivery From" time for an order placed using the Pickup From time entered above.  This will allow you to fine tune the order types times.


This field will reflect the "Delivery To" time for an order placed in X  Dispatch using the order type and Pickup From date and time.


The "Distance" in miles.

How to Use the Time Tester

You can change / test various Pickup From times and click "Recalculate Time" to confirm the Pickup To and Deliver times calculate as expected. 

  1. Enter a time and date in the Pickup From field.

  2. Enter the number of mile in the Distance field.

  3. Click the Recalculate Time button.


In this example, the order type is set up to pick up within 2 hours and deliver within 4 hours, with hours of operation set Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm and all day Saturday and Sunday.

You can test to see how the time windows will calculate if the order was placed at 1 pm.

You can then test to see how the time windows behave if an order is placed at 4 pm on a Friday.  A message will be displayed, if the order cannot be delivered within the 4 hour window.