Customer Sources (Classic Operations App)

This page is for the Classic Operations App. For the Operations App please see Customer Sources.

Customer sources do not have any default values so you can customize this for your business. Examples include "Referral" or "Advertisement" and can be used to group together customers for custom reporting. See Advanced Find Service for more information.

Customer sources are set up in MaintenanceCustomer Sources.

Field Name


Field Name


Customer Source ID

Unique numerical ID for customer source.

Customer Source

Description of customer source.

How to Add a Customer Source

  1. Go to Maintenance > Customer Sources.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list of customer sources and add the new customer source in the empty row.

  3. Click the save icon  in the toolbar.

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How to Edit a Customer Source

This will also update any customer record that uses this customer source.

  1. Go to MaintenanceCustomer Sources.

  2. Edit the field(s) you would like to edit. Changing the Customer Source ID will break the link in any customer record using that source, and the customer source will no longer show up on the customer record. 

  3. Click the save icon  in the toolbar.

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How to Delete a Customer Source

  1. Go to MaintenanceCustomer Sources.

  2. Click on the box to the left of the Customer Source ID you would like to delete, the row will be highlighted blue.

  3. Click the delete icon  in the toolbar or press the delete button.

  4. Click the save icon  in the toolbar.

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Customer Sources in the Operations App

There is a Customer Source field in the customer record General tab. Use the drop down to select from your customer sources. See Customers - New/Edit Customer.

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User Permissions for Customer Sources

Users need to have permission to be able to add or edit customer sources. 

Giving Customer Source User Permissions

  1. Go to Maintenance > Users. See Users (Classic Operations App).

  2. Select a user by double clicking on the User ID

  3. Click the + next to the checkbox for Maintenance Functions.

  4. Click the + next to the checkbox for Customer Sources.

  5. Check the box for Customer Sources and/or Edit Customer Sources

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Removing Customer Source Permissions

Follow the steps above to uncheck the boxes.

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