Setting Up Credit Card Processing in X Dispatch

For on-premise customers: TLS 1.2 must be enabled for your Windows version and configured to ensure the highest level of security for connection is used first. 

Obtain a Merchant Processing Account

Contact one of the Plug'n Pay partnered Merchant Processors.  Inform them of the following:

  1. You need to set up a new Merchant Processing Account
  2. Plug'n Pay is your Gateway Provider, integrated with CXT Software.
  3. Request a VAR sheet. 

Available Processors  

Visit for a list of all Plug'n Pay processors. Please note that CXT Software does not have a say on which processors are available. 

Obtain a Plug'n Pay Account 

After your Merchant Processing account is created, you will need to contact Plug'n Pay and tell them you need a new account to use with CXT Software's integrated solution.

CXT Software contact at Plug'n Pay

Donna Mongelli, Executive Sales, and Business Development, 800-945-2538 x. 5935,

  1. You may need to provide them with the VAR sheet received from your Merchant Processor.
  2. Plug'n Pay will provide you with a username and password.  
  3. Ask Plug'n Pay to disable auto batching.

Important Note

Worldpay FIS will supply Plug n Pay with the VAR sheet, and automatically create an account on your behalf.  Please reach out to Plug'n Pay to complete setup of your account, and follow the instructions below.

Complete Setup with Plug'n Pay and X Dispatch

  1. Obtain and note your IP Addresses (you will need this in step 7 below)
    1. For X Dispatch Cloud: Open the Cloud Client, click the Resources tab  → FAQs → What IP Ranges Do I Need To Allow? 

    2. For On-Premise customers: Note the IP address of your X Dispatch server. 

  2. Go to
  3. Enter the username and password given by your Merchant Processor or Plug'n Pay to log in.
  4. Click on "Security Administration" located in the "Settings" section. 

  5. Click on "Transaction Security Administration". 

  6. Scroll down to "Add IP Address".
  7. Enter the IP address(es) you noted in Step 1, including the associated subsets, if applicable. 

    Example: IP Range would be entered as

  8. Click "Add IP Address".
  9. Click "Security Administration" near the top of the screen. 

  10. Click on "Username/Password Configuration". 

  11. Click on "Manage Remote Client Password" button under "Remote Client".
  12. Enter a "Remote Client Password". 

    This password will be entered in X Dispatch. For security purposes, the password should be different than the one given by Plug'n Pay.

  13. Click the "Add/Edit Remote Password" button.

Quick Tip

You can use Plug'n Pay's Email Management to set up an email to notify you that an order has been placed, and an email to your customers to notify them that their order was received.

Setting Up in X Dispatch

  1. Go to Options > Accounting.
  2. Enable Plug'n Pay Processor.
  3. Complete the following fields