Using Parcel Items

Requires Driver App 3 or newer.

Parcel items can be created with a required quantity input that can be nestled under available parcel types for each customer, so drivers can provide important information for each parcel so drivers can provide quantity detail of items contained within a parcel.


A parcel has 7 parcel items, 3 red and 4 blue.



Set up the parcel items and parcel type enforcement in the Operations App.

You must have the “Parcel Items” and “Edit Parcel Items” permission enabled. See Users (Classic Operations App).

  1. Go to MaintenanceParcel Items.

  2. Add a new parcel item. See Parcel Items (Classic Operations App) or Parcel Items.

  3. Optional. Change the parcel type enforcement for a customer in the Parcel Types tab of the customer record. See Customers - New/Edit Customer.

Changes to the parcel type enforcement in the customer record will override the settings in MaintenanceParcel Items.


You have created a parcel item with the Parcel Type Global Enforcement set to “Optional” and “Specimen“ as an Available Parcel Type, but one customer requires the parcel item count.

Go to the customer record. In the Parcel Types tab, check “Specimen” under Available Parcel Types and check Allow Parcel Items. Click in the Parcel Type Enforcement for “Red Top”.

For the Parcel Type “Specimen”, change the Enforcement to “Required” then click OK and save the customer record.

In the Driver App

Now when a driver picks up or delivers a “Specimen” parcel type for the customer, the driver must enter the number of Parcel Items to complete the stop in the Driver App.




In the Classic Operations App

The parcel refrigeration type will display in the Parcels tab of the route stop form (or orders form).





In the Operations App

The parcel items details are visible in the Parcel Portal section. Search for and select the parcel, then go to the Parcel Items tab of the edit modal.

In the Client Portal

The parcel refrigeration type will be displayed in Track Order and Route Tracking. Click the link View under Assignments.