This page is for the Operations App. For the Classic Operations App please see Labels (Classic Operations App).

Labels allow you to tag ordersroute stopscontract stopscustomersaddresshuman resources, and drivers so that users can run reports and search based on the tagged labels. See Find (BETA).

The "Labels" permission must be enabled to view labels and the "Edit Labels" permission to add and edit labels. See Users.

To get to the Labels section, go to Maintenance > Labels.

How to Create a New Label

  1. Go to Maintenance > Labels.

  2. Click the + button in the top right.

When Adding or Editing a Record

You can also create a new label from the ordersroute stopscontract stopscustomers, addresshuman resource records, or drivers records.

How to Edit a Label

  1. Go to Maintenance > Labels.

  2. Click the label you would like to edit or click the action menu at the end of the row and select Edit

Quick Tip: You can open 2 edit forms by selecting the checkboxes of the labels and clicking the edit pencil icon in the top right.

How to Delete a Label

  1. Go to Maintenance > Labels

  2. Check the checkbox of the label(s) you would like to delete. 

  3. Click the delete button in the top right.