How to Set Up an Agent Contract Driver

An agent contract diver, commonly referred to as an agent driver, can be someone contracted with a logistics company that has several drivers working under them and would be paid for all work the drivers complete.


The agent would be linked to the drivers via a human resource record.

Create an Agent Record

  1. Go to Maintenance > Agents.

  2. Click the New button in the toolbar.

See Agents.

Create a Human Resources Record

Create a human resource record for each driver that will be associated with the agent driver.

  1. Go to Maintenance > Human Resources.

  2. Click the New button in the toolbar.

  3. Select “Agent Contractor” for the Class.

  4. Select the agent record created for the Agent to link the two records.

See Human Resources - New / Edit Human Resource.

Create a Driver Record

Create a driver record for each driver so that work can be assigned to each of them.

  1. Go to MaintenanceDrivers.

  2. Click the New button in the toolbar.

  3. Select the human resource record created for the Human Resource to link the records.

See Drivers (Classic Operations App).

Agent Driver Settlements

Agent driver settlements are created for the agent and not each individual driver. See Settlements - Create Settlements.

The agent settlement will include payment for all work completed by all drivers associated with the agent. See Display Agent Settlements.