Active Work

Active Work displays all shipments currently assigned to the driver. It is broken into the following sections:

To view Active Work, right-click on a driver in the Drivers section of Visual Dispatch BETA.


The map can display shipment and driver information.

Shipment Pins

Driver Pins

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The Shipments section allows you to view information about the driver’s shipments at a glance. See Visual Dispatch Shipments Field Descriptions for more information on each column.







Assigned Orders

Selected option on which shipment location pin(s) to display.

  • Both

  • Destination

  • Origin

Current Location

Selected option on which driver location pin(s) to display.

  • Driver Reports: Displays location information based on actions taken at stops (work being completed). It will only ever show breadcrumbs at the expected stops a driver has and is a good alternative if no GPS information is available from the driver’s device.

  • GPS: Displays the GPS details from the driver’s device. This is the more common and most accurate option.

  • GPS & Driver Reports: Displays GPS information when available, or location information based on action being taken at stops (work being completed) when GPS information is unavailable.

View Driver History

Display historic driver tracking details showing how a driver moved around during their shifts. See


Display the Order Sequence form that allows you to arrange the sequence of the pickup and delivery of the driver’s orders. See Order Sequence.

Show/Hide Columns

Select which columns are visible in the section.


Manually refresh the the driver’s active work.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Displays keyboard shortcuts that can be used in each section. See

Right-Click Menu

To view the shipment menu, right-click on the shipment.

Menu Option


Menu Option


View Tracking Status

The Tracking Status displays the status information of a shipment which includes information such as timestamps for specific tasks, POD, signature, invoice numbers.


Assign to Driver

Assign the shipment to another driver.

Get Directions

Get directions from the Origin Address to the Destination Address on the order from Google.

Highlight After Dispatch

Where the highlight should be immediately after dispatch.

  • Top Unassigned Job

  • Last Unassigned Job

Re-send Message

Resends shipment information to delivery personnel via Q Codes. Feature only available for orders already sent via Q Codes.

Send Cancel Message

Send a cancel message to the driver that displays in their app notifications or Q Codes, but does not actually cancel the shipment.

Update Status

Update one of the following statuses with a timestamp

  • Confirmed

  • Picked Up

  • Delivered

Pin Selected

Display map pins of shipments that have been selected with a checked checkbox.

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