Order Sequence

The Order Sequence form allows you to arrange the sequence of the pickup and delivery of the orders that are assigned to a driver.

To view the form, from the Visual Dispatch Board BETA, right-click on a driver and select Driver Order Sequence

The driver order sequence will only display in the Driver App when the driver's sort order is set to "Itinerary". See Stops Workflow in the Driver App.


Sequence Field Descriptions

Field Name


Field Name



Order ID


Sequence number for stop.


The type of stop. 

  • Pickup 

  • Delivery


Name of the stop.

Address 1

Address 1 of the stop.

Address 2

Address 2 of the stop.


City of the stop.


State of the stop.


Zip of the stop.

Plus 4

Plus 4 of the stop.


Estimated time of arrival at the stop.

From Time

Earliest date and time to pick up or deliver to the stop.

To Time

Latest date and time to pick up or deliver to the stop.

How to Re-Sequence the Pickup or Delivery of an Order

You can automatically sequence stops based on date and time by clicking the Auto Sequence button and then click Save.

To manually sequence stops, select the stop by clicking on the row and drag and drop to the desired position. Click the Save button to save changes when done.

The driver's itinerary view in the Driver App is updated when the Order Sequence form is saved.