On Demand Recurring Orders vs Route Stops

While both on demand recurring orders and route stops on routes allow you to schedule work, there are some differences between the two.

Key Differences

Recurring OrderRoute Stops

Recurring orders are best used as stand-alone orders that reoccur on a predictable schedule for a single customer.

Routes are able to handle multiple pickup and delivery stops for a single customer or multiple customers when those stops need to be grouped together.

Parcel Chain of Custody

With recurring orders, parcels can be tracked from a single pickup location to the related delivery location. 

With routes, parcels can be tracked through every stop on a route through the use of route chaining by marking stops as either a "Load Stop" or a "Return Stop". 

Rating and Driver PayRecurring orders use the rate charts that have been set up, which allow for dynamic rating possibilities.Routes have a much more straightforward and simplified rating and driver pay possibilities.
NextstopInside Nextstop, recurring orders have 2 parts - a pickup and a delivery - for each order.Routes contain multiple stops and each stop is a single function - either a Pickup, or a Delivery.
InvoicesRecurring orders will display on an invoice just like an order, with the charges for each order displayed individually.Routes will display on an invoice separated by Contract with appropriate charges listed.

Differences in Pay

Recurring OrderRoute Stops

Recurring order rating has the same flexibility as on demand order rating. On the Charges tab you can enter all items pertaining to the recurring order and rate them according to the associated rate chart, or enter in the values manually.   

Quick Tip

Manually entered values will show up with the value "User Override" in the Rate Explanation column for that item under the Charges tab.

Route stop rating is set up on the contract under Billing. The "Contract Amount" allows you to specify a set amount for billing the customer whereas the stop rate options allow you to specify each individual stop rate.

If "Stop Rate" or "Stop Rate * Multiplier" is selected, additional set up on the contract stop for Rate must be entered. If "Stop Rate * Multiplier" is selected, Multiplier and Calculated Rate X Multiplier must be entered as well. The Calculated Rate X Multiplier field will be automatically calculated based on the info in the Rate and Multiplier field.

Driver Pay

Driver pay for recurring orders is calculated the same as it is on an order.

This can be entered in one of the following locations:

See Driver Pay Items

Driver pay for routes is handled in the following locations:

  • In the route form found in the Planning section. 

  • In the contract stop form by selecting Override Settlement in the top right. Using the override on the contract stop form will override what is set on the route form.  

Differences on Invoices

Recurring Orders

Similar to on demand orders, recurring orders will display the order information.

Route Stops

Routes will display differently based on the Billing on the contract.

By Contract

When routes are billed by contract, contract information will be displayed with the route stop information.

By Stop Using Route Stamps

When routes are billed by the stop using route stamps, the item information for each route stop will be displayed.