How to Set Up User Definable Fields for Orders

User Definable Fields are available for all orders and useful for custom reporting. You can change the labels of User Fields in on demand orders. Inputs for User Definable Fields can be manually entered as text or selected from a drop-down list. See Setting Up User Fields Drop-Down Lists below for more information.  

Setting Up User Definable Field Names

  1. Click Options in the toolbar.

  2. Select the Order tab. 

  3. Edit the User Definable Fields field names.


You want to have a "COD Type" user field on the order form. 

In the Global Options Order tab set the Field 0 Name to "COD Type".

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Setting Up User Fields Drop-Down Lists

Populating a user field's drop-down list can save time on order entry and avoid the collection of invalid data. Drop-down lists are set up in the User Fields section.

Add a New User Field

Select the number corresponding to the User Fields on the order form and enter the value. See User Fields (Classic Operations App) for more information. 

Quick Tips

  • User fields do not need to have custom labels set in Global Options.

  • User field drop-down lists are populated alphabetically.


You want to have "Yes" and "No" options for the User Definable Field Field 0 Name that is set to "COD Type".

In the User Fields section create User fields for "Yes" and "No" with the Field # set to "0" since "COD Type" is Field 0 Name.

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