Using Parcel Refrigeration Types

Requires Driver App 3 or newer.

Parcel refrigeration types can be used when drivers need to indicate the temperature requirement for specific parcel types.


Set up the parcel refrigeration type in the Operations App.

The Enable Parcel Refrigeration Types Global Option in the Misc tab needs to be enabled. See Global Options.

Go to Maintenance → Parcel Types. Create a new parcel type, or edit an existing one, and select the Parcel Refrigeration Type Enforcement. See Parcel Types. This is not available in the Classic Operations App.

  • Disabled - Parcel refrigeration will not display in the Driver App.

  • Optional - Drivers will have the option to enter a Parcel Refrigeration Type.

  • Required - Drivers will not be able to Complete a stop until a Parcel Refrigeration Type is entered


I have a route stop that has a parcel with the parcel type “Specimen” that has the Parcel Refrigeration Type Enforcement set to “Required”.

In the Driver App

When the driver scans the parcel, the driver must select the Parcel Refrigeration Type.

In the Classic Operations App

The parcel refrigeration type will display in the Parcels tab of the route stop form (or orders form).

In the Client Portal

The parcel refrigeration type will display in Track Order and Route Tracking.